A Fair to Remember….

As I mentioned in my last post O’Brien’s Wines held their ‘Spring Wine Fair’ towards the end of Wine Fest week. I was lucky to get an invite and what a fair it was. As I wanted to taste as many of the 200+ wines in the room as possible, I was tasting and spitting…a must so you don’t fall over and wake up two days later wondering what happened. I still got some odd looks, but it didn’t bother me too much as at the end of the evening I had a clear head, though a fatigued palate which meant I did have to return on the Saturday to get as many reds as possible.

It was a mighty opportunity and a fair that consumers should do their best to attend – when else do you get to change up your wine rack and explore the world of wines? Although there on a mission it was an enjoyable affair and those who were less goal-orientated then myself seemed happy going by all the smiling faces and laughter.

Anyway back to the wine, I did not taste all 200+ wines from 40 different winemakers, I tried…. My initial mission was to see the range and quality and how these faired with price. Not long there and I was pleasantly surprised at how they hit the mark. More so with the €10 to €20, there was a fair amount that were great and a few I felt were a steal such as Bougrier Sauvignon Blanc (Loire €15.49 to €9.99) and Domaine La Sarbande Misterioso (Languedoc €16.99 to go to €13.59). If I were you I’d run and buy as many as either your bank balance will allow or your car/bike/Segway can hold.

So my top here are my top three and what I thought of them…

Bougrier Sauvignon Blanc 2014
Bougrier Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Bougrier Sauvignon Blanc 2014 – Loire €15.49 to €9.99

A superb example of a classical sauvignon blanc from the Loire and a real steal at €9.99. I mean just buy a bottle! It had a beautiful nose, clean mineral, light floral touches and hints of apple & grapes. The palate was delicious, clean crisp, mineral with lovely fresh green fruits. Such an elegant wine.

Domaine La Sarabande Misterioso 2013

Domaine La Sarabande Misterioso 2013 €16.99 to €13.49 GSM

A delicious red and super value. Buy it and then run back for more. The nose was beautiful, full of lush purple and blue fruits. Fresh and very inviting. The palate, well it was the taste of summer (I actually wrote this on the day in a windowless room) It was balanced, juicy, structured with blueberries, and some fruit spice appeared the longer it was open. A super offering from a great winemaker.

Mirabeau Rose 2014

Mirabeau Rose 2014  €15.99 Rose (rose buy one second half price)

A darling little nose with floral notes, red blossom and touches of wild strawberry.

A balanced and somewhat delicate wine. Plenty of fruit, red currant, wild strawberry, touch of apple, it had a slight autumnal note, a wine I thought would be perfect on the warm September afternoon sitting in the garden pondering life. A flicker of leather said this wine had more to offer. A beautiful wine for anytime, it just transported me the moment I took a sip.

Watch this space for more top picks!!


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