Who Dunnet it? ‘Old Pulteney’

Old PulteneyDunnet Head

46% £66

The latest exclusive to the travel retail range. 80% sherry casks and 20% Bourbon casks

“Matured in a combination of European and American casks, offering a balanced yet rich flavour profile. It’s bottled at 46% ABV, non chill-filtered and presented at its beautiful natural colour of old brass.”

Dunnet_Head_Travel RetailThe nose is busy with aromas of summer hay, caramel, dandelions and baked mature lemon. Add some spice, hints of clove, lemon balm and some thyme. It reminds me of a meadow after a summer rain with touches of light wild blackberries and fresh ginger.

Plenty of the aromas from the nose flow splendidly onto the palate such as the lemon balm. The mouth feel is that of light chewy toffee with the addition of meadow floral notes, table salt blended with caramel with a touch of butterscotch and leather at the back.

The finish is short to medium with a lightly salty caramel lingering after.

Overall it is a pleasant whisky, quite palatable, it is still you but pour a glass and allow it to breathe for a while then approach with a smile. Sláinte


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